Beimei Marine’s Technical Services

Beimei Marine provides many of your sufficient needs for ship’s repairs. Our technical service covers not only the list below. Please inquire us for a detailed quotation and for anything not listed below.

  • Ship Repairs:
    • Flange and Valve Supply & Repair
    • Steel Pipes Supply
    • Sea Water Pipe Repair
    • Magnetic Compass Repair
    • Motor Rewinding (Burnt Motor Repair)
  • Safety Equipment Annual Inspections:
    • Lifeboat / Liferaft Annual Inspections
    • Gas Detectors Calibration
    • Thermal / Pressure Meters Calibration
  • Cargo Holds Inspection Assistance
  • Fresh Water (Drinking Water) Analysis
  • Medical Chest Renewal
  • Oil Spill Response Agreement
  • Port State Control (PSC) Inspection Assistance
  • Ship Sanitation Control Exemption (SSCE)¬†Certificate ¬†Renewal